How To Breathe Lying on the Floor Face Down

When you receive a massage on the floor it’s not easy to breathe facing down because your nose and neck are squashed. You can turn your neck to the side but your neck can get sore. This week I’ll show you how you can breathe comfortably lying on the floor face down.

One way is to put a big pillow by your chest. This will raise your chest and create a space for your nose so you can breathe easier. Your neck is no longer squashed but dropping the head this way may block the airway.

A better way is to roll up a towel and put it under your forehead to level. There is plenty of space for your nose to breathe and your neck is straight to open up the airway.

breathe comfortably lying on the floor face downIf you want a ready-made device I highly recommend Prone Pillow by Oakworks. It’s made of a very hard plastic and
comes with a detachable face cradle cushion and support pad for the chest. There is a gap of about 1 ¾ inch and these big holes give a plenty of airflow. Let’s put a cover for the cushion. It’s very comfortable and you can breathe no problem lying face down for a long time. You can adjust the face cushion position depending on your height and try without the support pad too.

Oakworks Prone Pillow is currently listed for $80 on It happens to be cheaper than $97.95 on often has some kind of promo going like 10% off or free shipping so it’s a good site to check for massage supplies.

By the way prone means lying face down. Lying face up is called supine. When we learned these terms at the massage school supine soup is prone to spillage. Just a side note.

2-29-16 How To Breathe Lying on the Floor Face Down