How to Calm Your Anger with Middle Finger (Massage Monday #578)

Do you know how to calm your anger with your middle finger?

It looks and feels like people are becoming snappier as we still go through this interesting time together.

When someone makes you angry for whatever the reason, instead of flipping the bird right away, which can cause further unnecessarily, worthless altercation, wrap your middle finger with all the fingers of the other hand.

According to Jin Shin Jutsu, which is a Japanese healing modality, each finger has an emotional quality. Thumb is for worry, index finger is for fear, middle finger is for anger, ring finger is for sadness and pinky is for trying to. For each emotional quality, you simply wrap the corresponding finger until you feel the change.

Jin Shin Jutsu Finger Emotional Qualities

For anger, wrap your middle finger until it subsides.

There is also an acupressure point on your middle finger that’s good for irritability. It’s called Pericardium 9 or PC 9 located next to the base of the nail on the thumb side. Stimulate this point by pinching both sides of the nail base as you breathe deeply to help calm down your anger.

Pericardium 9 (PC 9)

By the way, if you happen to say those bad words that often come out of your mouth automatically, your brain doesn’t know if you’re saying that to someone or yourself. So whenever you say those words, follow up with something positive like “I love you” 3 times. I usually say “I love you Yasuko. I love you. I love you.”

I hope you have a peaceful week.

Massage Monday #578 How to Calm Your Anger with Middle Finger