How to Distribute Time during Massage (Massage Monday #556)

When you massage your partner at home, I do not expect you to last for a full hour like the professional massage therapists do. But if you are adventurous and generously wanting to give a long massage to your lucky partner, this week I will show you the flow and how I distribute time during the 60-minute full body massage as an example.

Please note that every massage is different because every client is different and their wants and needs are different. However, they can be similar most of the time because most of them want their neck and shoulders or lower back focused because they carry lots of stress in those areas. Some people just want their upper body massaged. Or even neck and back massaged without arms or hands.

Also, there is no one right way to massage. The flow is different depending on which massage school you went or which massage teacher you learned from. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from other massage therapists and I’ve taken in what I thought was good. The flow and timing that I’m going to show is for a general 60-minute full body massage as a basis with no specific requests.

I start my massage with the client facing down.

First 10 minutes:
Step 1: I say hi to the body.
Step 2: Compress the back on both sides.
Step 3: Undrape and spread the lotion on the back and start working from the lower back and move to the upper back on both sides.
Step 4: Work on the neck and shoulders.

10-25 minutes (15 minutes):
Step 5: Work on their arms on both sides.
Step 6: Work on their back on both sides.
Step 7: Work on their shoulders on both sides.
Step 8: Drape and stretch back.

25-40 minutes (15 minutes):
Step 9: Work on glutes and leg on the left side.
Step 10: work on glutes and leg on the right side.

40-42 minutes (2 minutes):
Step 11: Have the receiver scoot down so their head is on the table and turn over. Adjust the bolster.

42-48 minutes (6 minutes):
Step 12: Work on the left leg.
Step 13: Work on the right leg.

48-50 minutes (2 minutes):
Step 14: Work on the right arm.
Step 15: Work on the left arm.

50-60 minutes (10 minutes):
Step 16: Work on the chest, neck and shoulders.
Step 17: Work on the head.

Once I had a massage at the student clinic at my old massage school, which is a great way to get a cheap massage by the way. I asked the student therapist to work on my neck and shoulders. But he started working elsewhere and saved the neck and shoulders until the end. And he ran out of time so my neck and shoulders didn’t get worked on. I know he was new and nervous and he was putting everything in so I was left with mixed feelings. Anyway, it’s a good idea to work on the requested area sooner than later and little bit longer so the receiver’s satisfaction level will be higher.

Massage Monday #556 How to Distribute Time during Massage