How to Get Rid of Bat Wings

It’s getting hot outside. That means it’s a season for short sleeves and no sleeves. This week I’m going to show you a self massage to get rid of bat wings. I’m going to use a concept of Lypossage. Lypossage is a massage modality to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and it really works. The real Lypossage you have to have it done by someone else by a practitioner. I’m going to show you some of the techniques that you can do yourself to take care of your upper arm.

Put your hand on the back of your head. Gently squeeze to loosen up the upper arm up and down. I’m doing three sets on three locations so nine times total. Caress the upper arm by sliding your fingers across perpendicular to the upper arm three times. Slide your fingers harder three times. Slide your fingers yet harder three times. Cup the upper arm with the thumb and index finger and caress down from the elbow towards the armpit six times.

Repeat on the other side. Gently squeeze to loosen up the upper arm nine times. Slide your fingers across on three locations three times. Slide harder again three times. Slide yet harder again three times. Then caress down with thumb and index finger from the elbow to the armpit six times.

For a better gliding and enhanced result, you can use an anti-cellulite cream like this. You can check them out on a link below. I would do this massage at least once a day or three times a day depending on how fast you want to get rid of your bat wings.

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Massage Monday #338 – How to Get Rid of Bat Wings