How to get rid of fine lines on forehead | What I learned from Boldijarre of Eminence Organics

How to get rid of fine lines on forehead | What I learned from Boldijarre of Eminence Organics

Recently I had an opportunity to visit the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Long Beach, CA. It’s an event for estheticians, massage therapists, and spa professionals. I’ve never been to conventions like this but I had a blast! There were so many vendors selling their products at deep deep discounts and there were so many live demos to learn learn from. Here are some examples. Teeth whitening, massage chairs, acid peel, spray tanning. And here’s me trying on a 24K gold face mask.

But the main purpose of my visit was to see the legendary workshop by Boldijarre who is the President of Eminence Organics. He is always joking around and his presentation was hilarious with bubbles and sexy entertainment. But all joking aside I learned quite a bit from this ex-massage therapist esthetician. I would love to share the videos but I’m not going to because I don’t want to be in trouble for the copyright infringement. This week I’m going to share three things I learned from Boldijarre’s workshop about how to get rid of fine lines on the forehead. I think it’s a good addition to my last video about how to get rid of the face fat.

1) The first one is the frown lines. They are the vertical lines between your eyebrows. When you have these line it makes you look like you are unhappy and mad and it’s not very pretty. To get rid of these lines you press up and apart over the eyebrows. Press up and apart. Because these lines are created towards the center, in order to undo it you are going to spread them apart.
2) The second one is the forehead lines. They are the horizontal lines. And it’s created by the sagging scalp. So to get rid of these line you are going to spread them apart vertically. To undo the lines and create space between the lines to smooth it out.
3) The third one is the importance of the scalp massage. As I mentioned these horizontal lines are created by sagging loose scalp coming forward. According to Boldijarre it’s very important to massage the scalp above the forehead to keep it nice and tight so it doesn’t become loose and start drooping on your forehead to create the horizontal lines.

So just remember you massage the lines 90 degrees or perpendicular to the lines. For the vertical lines you want to massage horizontally. For the horizontal lines, you want to massage vertically to undo and create the space between the lines. Also very important, after the massage don’t forget to drain the lymph from the ears down to the clavicle. Otherwise you’re gonna end up with puffy eyes. I hope this is helpful.

Hope this is helpful.

Happy Massaging!

9-22-14 How to get rid of fine lines on forehead What I learned from Boldijarre of Eminence Organics