How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes (Massage Monday #434)

This week I’m going to show you how to get rid of puffy eyes and how you can prevent them too.

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And with that, let’s go back to how to get rid of puffy eyes.

First, cool it down. To cool it, simply apply a cold wet towel and apply it on your eyes. Or use cold spoon chilled in the refrigerator or put in ice water to gently press around the eyes to reduce the swelling.

If you use ice pack, wrap it in a towel so you don’t get ice burn. For that reason, don’t put a spoon in the freezer because your moist eyelid may get stuck to the spoon.

Cold Spoon Compress

If cooling down isn’t helping, try alternating cold and heat. To apply heat, simply wet the towel with hot water or put a wet towel in a microwave and apply over the eyes for 30 seconds and apply cold for 30 seconds using the ways I just showed.

Hot and Cold Compress

Second, eye mask. If you have more time, try eye mask. I recommend with green tea bags or black tea bags.

The green and black tea has caffeine and tannin which are natural astringent and they help to tighten the skin when applied topically. Make tea with two tea bags. Squeeze dry and cool them down. Enjoy the tea while you wait for an added benefit explained later. I took the strings out and flatten to even them out. Apply them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Tea Bag Eye Mask

Nowadays many teabags come in a triangular shape or maybe you only have loose tea leaves. No problem. After making the tea, just soak the cotton pads with the tea and apply them on your eyes.

I’m allergic to a raw cucumber so I can’t do this but you can also use sliced cucumbers on each eye. It gives you that typical spa look.

Cotton Pad with Tea Eye Mask

Finally, massage. I like to combine lymph drainage and acupressure. Press the inner corner of the eyes with middle finger for three seconds.

Acupressure on the Inner Corner of the Eyes

Then gently glide the under eye and press the temple for three seconds. Repeat five times.

When there is enough space, I support the middle finger with index and ring finger. Do not drag the skin as you glide.

Acupressure on the Temple

Then do the same above the eyes. Press the inner corner for three seconds. Then gently glide along the upper eye socket along the eyebrow and press the temple for three seconds. Repeat five times.

If you have a jade roller like this one, it’s a very handy tool for puffy eyes.

Chill the jade roller in the fridge and using the smaller roller, roll from inside to outside under the eye to the temple and roll along the eyebrow to the temple. Repeat five times on each. Repeat on the other side.

Jade Roller Eye Massage

Gently caress down from the ear to collarbone on both sides.

Caress Down for Lymph Drainage

Puffiness in general can be caused by too much salt or alcohol intake and your body is retaining too much water. If that’s the case, cut the salt and eat fruits and veggies that are high in potassium, which help to balance water in your body, such as bananas, melons, apricot, avocado, soy beans, spinach, broccoli, peanuts and almonds, unsalted kinds of course and as long as you are not allergic to them of course. Otherwise you will be more than just puffy.

Fruits and Veggies High in Potassium

Naturally diuretic foods that help to get rid of excess water are asparagus, cabbage, coffee, green tea and black tea. So, the green tea and black tea are good to get rid of puffiness from inside and outside.

Naturally Diuretic Foods

Puffy eyes often happen after crying. But it’s actually the rubbing of your eyes that causes the puffiness. If you cry, don’t touch your eyes. Just let the tears flow and catch the tears on your cheeks instead of rubbing your eyes to prevent the puffiness.

Catch Tears on Cheeks

Also, I would put the tea bags, spoons, or jade roller, or all of them in the fridge for the following morning just in case.

Massage Monday #434 – How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes