How to Lift Cheek Muscles (Massage Monday #458)

The other day, I came across this Japanese TV clip and this beautician was showing how to loosen cheek and mouth muscles.  

The tight cheek and mouth can make you look older because they weigh down and sag on your face. Her approach is to loosen these muscles to help lift up the cheek naturally and when you smile. It looked like it worked on the model so I’m going to try it on myself.

She said that the area next to the corners of the mouth is a junction of the muscles that lift up and pull down. The target area is where the extension of the corner of the mouth and the nasolabial line meet. So around here. First, wash your hands to have clean fingers or wear a disposable glove.

Stick your clean index finger in your mouth and grab the target area with your thumb. Then loosen the muscles by moving the muscles especially the tight spots if you have any. Do not put too much pressure because you don’t want to bruise your cheek. If it’s easier you can stick your opposite thumb inside your mouth and grab it with your index finger outside. Do this until you feel the muscles are loose and the area feels warmer from improved circulation.

Next, grab the top of the cheek bone and loosen the thick cheek muscles the same way. Again, don’t over do it to cause a bruise. Stop when you feel the muscles are loose and the area is warm from circulation.

It does feel my right side is much looser than the left side. So I’m going to do the other side. Here I found it easier to use my thumb inside. My cheeks do feel looser and it’s easier to make bigger smile.

Massage Monday #458 How to Lift Cheek Muscles