How To Make Your Thumbs Stronger

Picture a shoulder massage. What did you see? You probably saw this – with one thumb on the back of the shoulder and the four fingers on the front of the shoulder cupping over the top of the shoulders. This is a very common shoulder massage image. But the effectiveness of this technique heavily depends on the strength of your thumbs. Unless you have very strong thumbs or thumbs of steel, this technique will tire out your thumbs and even hurt them if you continue to do so. It’s no fun and you’re not going to last for a long time. There are other ways to massage someone’s shoulders more easily and effectively and I show that in other videos on my YouTube channel. But this week I’m going to show you a tip on how to make your thumbs stronger if you must use this kneading technique.

This is what people often do to hurt their thumb. One way to make your thumb powerful is to put one thumb on top of the other. Knead the shoulder by picking up the shoulder muscles with both hands. Pick several spots and go back and forth between the neck and the shoulder bone. You will notice that it’s much more stable and powerful than kneading with a single hand. Repeat on the other side.

11-24-14 How To Massage Shoulders With Stronger Thumbs

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