How to massage arm with a rolling pin

How to massage arm with a rolling pin

This week I’ll show you how I have been massaging my tired arms with again the rolling pin.

Since you can only use one hand to massage the other, you can hold the handle and roll down the arm, but it’s very light. It can be a good warm up but I like firm pressure and this doesn’t do me anything. So I put the hand over the roller part and roll over the biceps. Simply roll using your palm. For the triceps I put my arm around my body in the front and roll upward on the triceps.

Around the elbow you I use short strokes to focus on the tight tendon and muscles. Continue down the forearm. For longer strokes I hold the rolling pin lightly between my thumb and index finger, and let it roll in my hand as you press the rolling pin. It may take some getting used to but it’s worth the practice. I turn my arm so the palm is facing up to massage the outer forearm.

Don’t forget the hand and fingers all the way to the fingertips. Maybe I’m going to have a bigger hand and longer fingers. Here’s the added bonus: the rolling pin comes with a built in acupressure tool, not just one but two of them. You can squeeze both ends with different parts of your palm or lean on it by resting your chin on the top.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-24-13: How to massage arm with a rolling pin

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