How to massage arms

How to massage arms

This week I’m going to show how to massage your partner’s arms with the receiver lying face down. You can easily add this when you massage your partner’s back.

Straddle your partner. Using your palm, squeeze the arm muscles around the bone instead of pressing straight down against the bone because it hurts. Lean in to use your body weight for more pressure. To make the squeezing easier keep your thumb with the other fingers instead of opening it. Skip the elbow. Squeeze the forearm muscles around the bone. For the palm I like pressing with my fist. You can grind it too. Come back up the forearm as you squeeze. Skip the elbow. Squeeze the upper arm.

You can do this on both sides by alternating right side and left side by rocking your body. Or both at the same time. If the partner’s body is much bigger as in this case, massage the area that you can comfortably reach. Then reposition yourself to massage other areas. Or just do one arm at a time.

Happy Massaging!

6-30-14 How to massage arms

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