How to Massage Back with Forearm and Elbow

This week I’m going to show you how to massage back with arm, specifically forearm and elbow.

Forearm and elbow is a very effective massage tool that you are born with if you use them right. And they will save your hands and fingers.

First locate the spine and back muscles next to the spine. It’s a good idea to cover the spine with the other hand so you won’t accidentally press the spine with boney forearm or elbow because that will hurt really bad.

Put your forearm on the back muscles parallel to the spine and gradually increase the pressure by leaning in with your body weight instead of your arm strength. Go up and down the back. Make sure you reposition yourself so you are pushing right in front of you rather than twisting your body and pushing far away from you.

To increase even more pressure gradually bend your arm. Keep your hand loose. No death grip because you’ll be using your arm strength rather than your body weight. If the receiver wants even more pressure, ultimately use the elbow combined with your body weight for the most pressure.

Never ever dig in with the elbow to begin with. Elbow is a last resort if and only if the receiver wants more pressure.

When the receiver has a very tight ropy muscles, it becomes slippery and your forearm slips off the muscles. When that happens just slow down.

It’s important to keep your back straight and you are on top of the arm so you can use your body weight. If your arm is away from you, you will have to use your arm strength which will make your arm get tired quickly and you’ll likely be pushing against the spine.

This is easier to do on the bed or massage table but again keep your back straight and don’t round your back. And most importantly communicate about the pressure so you won’t hurt the receiver.

Massage Monday #321 How to Massage Back with Arm