How To Massage Back In Sitting Position

How To Massage Back In Sitting Position

When you give a back massage, you usually do it with the receiver lying on the floor or lying on a massage table and that’s how you can give a very effective back massage. But if there’s no space for someone to lie flat, you can still give back massage. This week I’m going to show you how to give a back massage with the receiver in a sitting position. In this rare occasion, I get to receive.

Have the receiver sit on the ground cross-legged and put the hands on the floor for support. Using the base of the palm, walk up the back muscles next to the spine from the lower back to the upper back and come back down. This is a great back stretch and hip opener for the receiver. If the receiver wants to go deeper, have them put the hands further on the floor and repeat.

Happy Massaging!

12-1-14 How To Massage Back In Sitting Position

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