How to Massage Elderly’s Back in A Wheelchair

I recently taught my friend how to massage her 96-year old mother in a wheelchair. So I’m making this video as a follow-up. Massaging the elderlies is called geriatric massage and it’s usually done on the bed or in a wheelchair. In fact, that’s all we did when I took the Geriatric Massage class and went to a convalescent home to massage the elderlies. It’s a great way to improve circulation, loosen tight muscles, and make them feel good where they are at. I have no doubt that the caring human touch will heal their body and mind. This week I’m going to show you how to massage elderly’s back in a wheelchair.

Assume this is a wheelchair. Have the receiver lean forward if they can and if they are comfortable so you have access to the entire back. Some wheelchairs have a mechanism to fold back the back support which makes it easier to access the lower back.

When you massage a big area like the back it helps to focus on certain section or muscles. In this case, the target is the back muscles next to the spine.

Stand in an angle. Put one hand on a shoulder for balance and energy connection. Gently rub the back muscles up and down in the direction of the muscles with the palm. Use your body to help move your hands instead of just using your hands and arms. Keep your armpit closed so you can use your body. You are mostly using the heel of the palm but do not cock your wrist because it will make your forearm tired in no time. Keep your hand relaxed.

Another way is to gently rub the back muscles away from the spine like zigzagging over the muscles. You can also gently circle down the back muscles. You always massage the muscles, not the bone so don’t go over the spine. It’s always a good idea to feel and locate the spine first if you are not sure.

Come around to the other side to do the other side of the spine.

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Massage Monday #345 – How to Massage Elderly’s Back in A Wheelchair