How To Massage for Knee Pain (Massage Monday #559)

There were several requests for knee pain so this week I’m going to show you how you can massage for a knee pain.

But first, knee pain can be caused by various reasons. If your knee pain is caused by something other than tight muscles such as ligament, tendon, cartilage injury, bursitis, osteoarthritis, torn meniscus, cyst, and gout, please see medical professionals. These massages will help if your knee pain is caused by tight thigh muscles and tight ankles. 

To release the tight quads, massage above the knee cap or patella with two thumbs next to each other and press towards the knee. You are massaging the tendons. To massage the top of the quads, cross your leg, weave your fingers and squeeze the thigh muscles with the heels of your palm and go up and down. Or roll your forearm. 

To massage the hamstrings, stand your knee, weave your fingers and squeeze the hamstrings with the heels of your palm and go up and down.

To massage the outer side of the thigh, cross your leg and knead. By kneading, I mean gather some muscles with your fingers and squeeze with your palm. When you knead close your thumbs and knead with your palms just like you knead a dough. This way you can save your thumbs. And use your torso too to aid your hands and fingers. 

To massage the inner thigh, simply open your leg to access and knead up and down.

All of these massages you can do with a rolling pin. This is the one I use for massage. I got this one from the 99 cent store and I’ve been using this for years.

Quads in the front, inner side, outer side, and hamstrings in the back by sitting at the edge of the chair.

Lastly, tight ankle can cause misalignment of the leg and cause knee pain. Weave your fingers between the toes and rotate the foot in both directions, and stretch by flexing and extending the foot.

So these are the entry level massages that you can do for your knee pain. And you can do these easily while you watch TV. I will do a different video on trigger points and IT Band Syndrome in the future in case your knee pain is caused by these specific conditions.

There’s another possible cause for your knee pain which is a weight gain. The extra pounds you carry can add burdens to your knees. If you think that’s the case you know shedding some pounds will help by eating less and exercise. I know it’s easier said than done. 

Massage Monday #559 Massage for Knee Pain