How To Massage For Slim Arm (Massage Monday #546)

Recently, I saw my arms in a picture and I w was shocked to see how much they have grown behind my back. Summer will be here in no time so this week I’m showing you how to slim arm with massage really to remind myself.

Slim arm massage consists of 2 things: loosen and drain.

First loosen. There are several ways to loosen the fat and muscles.

Squeeze Triceps – Squeeze triceps or bat wing with your palm with closed fingers including your thumb. When you have your thumb open, you will be pinching more and your thumb will get tired. Do this from underneath or cross your arm to reach from the side.

Squeeze Biceps – Squeeze biceps the same way. I’m showing this in the air but I would rest your arm on a cushion. Or just lower and relax your receiving arm so you don’t have to hold up your arm.

Circle Triceps – Make a loose fist and using the flat part of your fingers, circle the triceps. Circle several times on several locations between the elbow and armpit.

Twist Upper Arm – Grab the upper arm with closed fingers and this time with an open thumb and twist. Move the muscles around the bone. But an easier way to do this is to move the receiving arm. Again, rest your arm on a cushion or lower your arm and twist the receiving arm to make it easier.

Now drain.

Drain the Arm – Raise your arm so you can use the gravity. With closed fingers and an open thumb, drain the lymph from the elbow to armpit. I cover both biceps and triceps. You don’t need much strength when you do this.

Drain the armpit – Put four fingers under the armpit and grab the muscles in the front and circle several times in several locations. This will help move and drain the lymph in the lymph cluster in the armpit.

Repeat on the other side.

Besides massage, of course arm exercise will expedite the tightening process so I will be doing that as well!

Massage Monday #546 How to Slim Arm with Massage