How to massage your partner’s IT Band and hip

Today I’m going to show you another way of massaging your partner’s IT Band which is located on the outer thighs.

Have the partner lie on the floor face up. Bend one of the partner’s legs and push it over the other leg. Sit parallel to the partner’s IT Band. Secure the partner’s bent knee with one hand. Also secure the partner’s foot with your knee so you can keep it bent.

Press several locations on the IT Band with your hands alternating between the IT Band and the knee. Rock your body side to side and use your body weight to press.

While you are here you might as well give some love to the hip. Press the area between the hip bone and the big bump at the top of the thigh bone. This area is often neglected but it helps to loosen up the tight hip. I bet it feels really good to press here but start gently in case your partner’s hip is super tight.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 3-18-13: How to massage your partner’s IT Band and hip
massage monday how to massage your partner's IT band and hip