How to Massage Lips (Massage Monday #436)

This week I’m going to show you how to massage your lips. Lips are one of the most sensitive body parts with lots of sensory neurons for touch, feel and temperature. I’ve read lips lose moisture 10 times more than other body parts. No wonder they can show a sign of aging.

To prepare for the massage I’m going to first scrub with ground brown sugar with honey.

Apply some on your lips and gently circle to remove the dead skin. I love this because it’s so tasty. So I’m going to do it again. Clean your fingers however you like. I made honey lemon with the rest of the mixture.

Ground brown sugar and honey scrub

Next, put a lubricant on your lips. I’m going to use organic coconut oil. But you can use any other oils of your choice or lip cream or lip balm. Put it generously on your lips and around the lips. Oops I put too much.

From the center, glide over the lips with your fingers to the side three times. When you do this, raise the corners of your lips at the end.

Glide with raised corners

Then make small circles across the bottom lip three times with your fingertip. There are no oil or sweat glands on the lips like other areas of the skin, so it’s important to moisturize them with products externally.

Small circles

Repeat on the upper lip three times. You may think you will moisturize your lips by licking but licking actually dries your lips even more.

Take some oils off to make the next one easier.

Gently pinch the upper lip between your thumb and index finger and go back and forth three times.


Repeat on the bottom lip three times. I wish you the juicy, plump, and sexy lips.

As I said, lips can dry easily so hydrate and SPF protect it from the sun. And if you smile, the wrinkles have no chance on your lips. I would love to hear if you have your own lip care regimen.

Massage Monday #436 – How to Massage Lips