How to massage lower back pain

How to massage lower back pain

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When you have a pain somewhere on your body the cause may be where the pain is, but the cause could be somewhere else. For example, when I was in a myofascial release class there was a girl with neck pain from an old car accident years ago. After she was worked on her legs her neck pain was gone. That’s kind of an extreme case. This week I’ll show good place to massage for lower back pain.

Have the receiver lay face down and find the hip bone. With a light pressure, start massaging the area just below the hip bone. These are the upper gluteal or upper glutes muscles: gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus layered on top of each other. These muscles are often neglected and can cause the lower back pain. Often people don’t even know that this area is tight until they are touched so start gently and gradually increase pressure by using your body weight. Come around to do the other side. Or use a figure eight for a longer, more soothing stroke to cover both sides. The figure eight stroke is much easier with the receiver on a massage table.

So for your lower back pain, make sure to massage your buttocks.

Happy Massaging!

12-16-13 How to massage lower back pain

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