How to Massage Neck and Shoulders (Massage Monday #528)

This week I will show you how to massage your neck and shoulders with the towel knot. This will be the last of this towel knot series.

Make a knot with a towel long enough. You will be placing this knot on the depression at the base of the skull. Lie on your back and place the knot at the base of the skull on your hands. Move your neck side to side to massage. Move the knot up a little bit and repeat.

Next, you will place the knot between the shoulder and neck. This is where you carry lots of stress and the #1 request for massage.

Lie on your back and place the knot by the shoulder blade and circle your arm. You will feel it really stretches the front of the shoulder too. When you turn your arm, experiment different sizes and angles, move from elbow or just shoulder or move the entire arm. You will find your sweet spot.

Move the knot to different spot and repeat.

For more pressure, bunch up the knot. And lift up your hip and rock side to side or up and down. This works on tightening your butt too. I call this multi-tasking. And if your buttocks get sore, watch the video from last week on how to release glutes with the towel knot.

After you’re done with one side, stretch with your arms up just because it feels good. And repeat on the other side.

Massage Monday #528 How to Release Neck and Shoulders