How to Massage Shoulders with Your Palm

How to massage shoulders with your palm

Do you have tight shoulders? This week I will show how to massage your partner’s tight shoulders with the base of your palm and all the variations you can try.

Do not do this if the receiver is pregnant because there are acupressure points on the top of the shoulders that induce labor.

Stand behind the partner sitting on the ground. Put your palms on the partner’s shoulders with the base of your palms facing each other. Using your body weight press the shoulders as you glide with the base of your palms. If the receiver wants more pressure stand closer and lean in more.

You can also do one side at a time. Target the area slightly above and slightly below where you originally started. And pick several locations between the base of the neck and shoulder bone to press using your body weight. You can also do one side at a time by rocking your body.

Happy Massaging!

11-10-14 How to Massage Your Partner’s Tight Shoulders with Your Palm

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