How To Massage Trigger Points On Your Back

This week I’m going to show you how to massage your own back specifically around the shoulder blade. I recently had a client who had a very tight knots around the shoulder blade. He told me that he sometimes tried to massage it out himself by using a tennis ball against the wall. But it would slip away and it was very frustrating.

It is a good idea to use tennis ball against the wall but as he experienced, tennis ball is fuzzy and hairy and it can be slippery.

So I recommended that he would get a lacrosse ball at a local sporting goods store for about $3. Lacrosse ball is a hard rubber and it doesn’t have hair so it doesn’t slip away when you press it against the wall. Also it digs in on the tight spots better than the tennis ball because it doesn’t give or bend like a tennis ball.

Another good tool that I recommend is Thera Cane. It’s made with very hard plastic and you can easily work on your tight spots on your back using a leverage and not much work.

Grab the handle like this or this on the top and bottom. There are three trigger points along the inside edge of the shoulder blade one, two and three on muscle groups called rhomboids. Smooth out these trigger points with 10 short deep strokes at a time. Trigger point is a part of the muscles that are stuck in contracted state and tender to touch. Often trigger points cause referred pain elsewhere but the referred pain for these trigger points is local. So the pain is right by the shoulder blade. By smoothing the trigger points out the pain should go away. You can also work it this way across the other shoulder and hold the top. Do this six times throughout the day.

Or use the lacrosse ball to release the trigger points by moving your body up and down against the wall. Again 10 short deep strokes at a time six times a day. I also suggested that if he really doesn’t want the ball to slip away, put the ball in a sock and hold the other end as you press your back against the wall. It doesn’t stick to the wall anymore but at least the ball has no chance of dropping to the floor as you roll your back against it and change locations.

I’m also including the link for How To Massage Your Trapezius And Neck Using Lacrosse Ball and also the Homemade Massage Tool Using Lacrosse Balls for your car ride so please check them out.

Happy Massaging!

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3-30-15 How To Massage Your Own Back
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