How To Massage Wrists

How To Massage Wrist

Wrist massage is a nice addition to a hand massage. This week I’m going show you how to massage your partner’s wrist. I’m going to start with stretching the wrist. Put your partner’s elbow on a stable surface. Hold your partner’s wrist with your thumb on the wrist. Press the hand and bend the wrist towards you. You put your thumb on the wrist to prevent the over-stretch and possibly hurting your partner’s wrist. For the same reason, with your index finger on the other side of the wrist, press the hand the other way and bend the wrist away from you.

Hold the wrist, weave the fingers with your partner’s and rotate the hand in one direction several times. Then rotate it in the other direction several times.

Finish with a nice stretch by pulling the fingers. If this is hard to do, grab the side of the hand and give a nice stretch. Repeat on the other wrist.

3-9-15 How To Massage Wrists

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