How To Massage Your Trapezius (Traps) Using Lacrosse Ball

In a past Massage Monday I’ve demonstrated how to massage your own upper trapezius and neck with a lacrosse ball. Recently a viewer commented on the video sharing his preferred way of massaging his own trapezius or traps. I’ve tried it and it was very effective so that’s what I’m going to share today.

Have a lacrosse ball if you like hard pressure or tennis ball if you like less pressure. Find a corner of the wall. Bend your torso 90 degrees and put the ball between the sore spot on your traps and the wall. Lean in with your body weight. Breathe deeply and focus on the sore spots or slowly roll your shoulder to roll the ball on your traps.

In the beginning I was just bending my torso and my back started hurting in no time. So have a nice stance with the front knee bent so you can put your body weight with more stability. If you still have a hard time you may want to switch your front and back legs.

Switch sides. If you don’t have a ball you can do this just on the corner of the wall too. Thank you Ed for sharing!

11-2-15 How To Massage Your Trapezius (Traps) Using Lacrosse Ball