You Knead Me: How To Massage Your Partner’s Chest and Tummy

My third video eBook “You Knead Me: How To Massage Your Partner’s Chest and Tummy in 10 Easy Ways.” It is available for FREE on Amazon through tomorrow Tuesday, February 19th PST.

When we get stressed, we tend to hunch our shoulders. When we hunch our shoulders your head goes forward and putting a strain on your neck causing the neck pain. Every inch (2.54 cm) your head moves forward, there is an extra 10 lbs (4.5 kg) of weight on your neck.

Sit up straight and take a deep breath. Now crouch and try to take a deep breath. You will notice it’s much harder. Besides correcting the posture by opening the chest, massaging the chest loosen the chest muscles to allow the ribs to expand and so you can breathe better. Opening up your chest is also known to help lifting the mood when you are feeling down. Massaging the tummy will help you with the digestion.

Now you can give these benefits to your partner at home. In this book share ten simple techniques to massage your partner on chest and tummy areas. Here is one of them: Sit by the receiver’s chest. With closed fingers, gently glide your hands over the area on the far side between the collarbone and breast from the center of the chest to the armpit. You can also make circles. Switch sides and repeat.

Since it’s the front of the body, you can do some of these yourself, and I recommend trying them on yourself first so you know how it feels before you try them on your partner. Even if you are single, download this while it’s free for yourself and for your future partner. Download it and add them to your caring touch repertoire.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 2-18-13: You Knead Me How To Massage Your Partner’s Chest and Tummy Sample

you knead me how to massage your partner's chest and tummy