How to Pat Your Partner’s Back (Massage Monday #583)

I hope you gave yourself a good pat or good pound on your back last week. This week, I will show you how to pat your partner’s back with appreciation for their hard work with tapotement techniques called Cupping and Hacking.

Have your partner sit facing the back of the chair with no arm rests. Put a pillow between the body and the back rest for more comfort.

Cup your hands and gently tap all over your partner’s back with alternating hands. Stay on the muscles and avoid the bones.

Percussion techniques are more for energizing and waking up the body rather than relaxing but some people like it for relaxing. Especially if you do this on a bare skin, do not use flat hands. That’s called slapping and it doesn’t feel good.

With loose wrists and weight of your hands, hack your partner’s neck and shoulders with alternating hands. Start soft with low height and gradually increase the intensity by increasing the height if your partner wants it harder.

You can do these on the rest of the back side of the body with your partner lying face down.

Ask your partner which version of these percussion techniques they like and do what they like the next time.

You could use the fists as long as it doesn’t hurt your partner but make sure to avoid the bones especially the spine and stay on the muscles.

When you massage your partner, think of at least one thing you love or appreciate about the person you are massaging because your thoughts and feelings can transfer through touch. Always have happy thoughts about the partner when you massage.

Massage Monday #583 Give Your Partner a Good Pat on the Back