How to Release Glutes (Massage Monday #527)

This week I will show you how to release glutes aka buttocks still using a towel.

The gluteal muscles or glutes and especially the upper glutes are often neglected. And people don’t realize how tight they are until they are touched. The tight glutes muscles can cause lower back pain and even pseudo sciatica. So massaging these areas is very important. So let’s get started.

Make a knot with a towel. Sit on the floor and place the towel knot on the sit bone. Put your hands on the floor and rock your body to massage around the sit bone by changing the direction of your knees.

Move the towel knot to the center of your glutes and put your elbow of the same side on the floor. This will put your weight on the towel knot. Rock your body up and down to massage and release the glutes. You can also bring the other arm over to put more weight. Open your knee to the side to go deeper.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and put the towel knot close to the hip bone, put your weight. Rock your body up and down or side to side to massage and release the glutes. Move the towel knot to hit different spots on the glutes especially around the hip bone.

As you can see the trigger points denoted by blue X causes the referred pain denoted by the blue shaded areas.

Trigger Points by the hip bone

As I mentioned, people usually don’t realize how tight these glutes muscles are until they are touched. If you have some pain in the blue shaded area, see if the corresponding trigger point or X in the diagram is very sore. If it is, it may be the real source of the referred pain. Massage over the trigger point 10 times at a time to avoid overdoing it.

If the towel knot is flattened, reshape it. Bunch it up to make it bigger for more pressure.

Put the towel by the hip bone on the side and turn your body to the side to hit the side of the glutes with your body weight. And rock your body. Open your knee to the side to go deeper. It’s sensational.

Repeat on the other side.

The last two videos I showed you how to massage and release the side of the body and hamstrings and calves using the towel. These were done right against the bones like the ribs and tibia so a tennis ball would have been too hard. But this time you are massaging the glutes which is meaty, so you could use a tennis ball. However, I find that towel knot is more enjoyable. For me lacrosse ball was way too torturous but maybe you like it if you are a dare devil.

Massage Monday #527 How to Release Glutes