How to Release Neck Pain with Towel (Massage Monday #577)

I usually use this device to stretch my neck but I can only stretch upward towards the head. You can also use your hand to stretch your neck. But using a towel, I can stretch my neck in different directions easily especially diagonally upward.

If you have neck injuries or severe neck pain, don’t do this and please consult a medical professional. 

Fold a towel to a size that’s comfortable for your neck. Put the towel behind your neck and bend your neck backward to stretch the front for the neck. Hold for 10 seconds.

Fold the towel so it’s wide enough to cover the side of your head over the ear.

Put the towel behind your neck. Move the towel so one side is shorter than the other. Cross the ends of the towel in front of you so you are holding the right end with your left hand and left end with your right hand. 

Anchor your left hand on the right side of your your chest and pull your right hand diagonally upward. Hold for 10 seconds. Don’t move your anchoring hand towards the neck or you will strangle yourself. Come back to the center. 

Do the other side by anchoring your right hand on the left side of your chest and pull your left hand diagonally upward. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax your neck and enjoy the stretch.

Be careful and don’t overdo it. At any point, if there is any pain, back off or stop. 

Massage Monday #577 Neck Stretch with a Towel