How To Stop Burping

This week I’ll show you how to stop burping or belching. Occasional burping is a completely natural occurrence of your body getting rid of excess gas from your stomach. So you should let it out. However there are situations where you shouldn’t let it out so freely since burping is considered rude in social settings.

If you want to prevent burping right away stick your chest out and tuck your chin toward your throat. The prevented gas will go back down through your digestive system so you may experience bloating and discomfort but eventually it will come out of the other end.

If you ate too much or something and you have more burping press these acupressure points to help get rid of the gas from your stomach.

CV 22 (Ren 22) – The first one is in the hollow between the clavicle bones in the middle under the Adam’s apple. Slightly hook your index finger and press gently so you won’t choke yourself. This is called CV 22 or Ren 22.

ST 11 – The second ones are very close to the first one. While you press the first point and turn your neck to the side you see this neck muscle called sternocleidomastoid. It’s the hollow right next to it. Right above the clavicle bone. This is called Stomach 11. Again using slightly hooked index fingers, press these points on both sides.

Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply. The burping should subside after few big ones.

Happy Massaging!

12-21-15 How To Stop Burping