How To Stop The Yawn

I recently learned how to stop the yawn before it fully comes out. It’s been very effective and I thought it was cool so I’m going to share it this week. We all yawn when we are sleepy, bored, nervous, or stressed. Or by watching someone else yawn. Nobody seems to know why the humans and other mammals yawn but yawning is a natural human behavior and you should not suppress it.

However just like sneezing, there are times when you shouldn’t be yawning like during an important meeting. So this is what you do. When you feel a yawn coming, just lick your upper lips. That’s it. You may have to do it several times but this has worked number of times when I shouldn’t be yawning. Sometimes I licked my lips too late and the victory went to a big yawn but if you do it soon enough, you can kill the yawn.

Another way to stop the yawn is to rub your forehead upwards. Again do it soon enough to kill the yawn. I think it’s more effective to use the base of your palm and firmly press up. One piece of caution. If you are with a boring date and if you lick your lips to kill the yawn, you might send a wrong signal so be careful.

By the way, these tips were written in an old Japanese document called Hagakure which is a practical and spiritual guide for samurai warriors back in 1716. They thought sneezing, yawning, or farting would make you look stupid and they should be avoided or not detected at all cost. Interesting.

If you don’t know how to stop a sneeze, watch this video. If you don’t know how to wake up, watch this video.

8-17-15 How To Stop The Yawn