How To Wear Thai Massage Pants

When you go to a Thai Massage place, they may give you something like this. Big loose pants. You may wonder how the heck I’m going to put this on. So this week I’m going to show you how to wear Thai Massage pants.

This is the Thai massage pants. It’s also called Thai Fisherman’s pants. This is the front and this is the back. Back side has two tie strings. Put them on just like a regular pants. Find the center and pull it to the side as you flatten it against your tummy. Then you fold the side piece over it and hold it with your hand. Bring the tie strings from the back and tie them in the front. Then fold the top piece over the tie strings. Tada.

They are very roomy, airy, comfy and they can be worn as a lounge wear, for Yoga, dance, beach cover up or even PJ. It folds flat and packs really light so it’s good for travel too. And you don’t have to worry about over eating because you can easily adjust the waist size with the tie strings.

You can also do it the other way by flattening the center to the other side. I researched if there is a meaning on one side over the other maybe a different gender because in Japan when you wear a kimono you put the left side front but for dead people you put the kimono with the right side front. I didn’t find any rules like that for the Thai pants so you can do it either way.

I’ve put a link below so you can browse Amazon. They come in all kinds of colors and shapes. Or if you have a Thai friend they probably know how to get it really cheap. I actually got this as a gift from my Thai friend. Thank you Kanchana!

Happy Massaging!

3-16-15 How To Wear Thai Massage (Fisherman’s) Pants

Thai Massage Pants on Amazon

Sample Thai Pants

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