How’s Your Psyche? Practical Intuition Review

It’s almost Halloween this week I’m going to share my experience reading this book called Practical Intuition by Laura Day.
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I had been told that I’m very intuitive by psychics and numerology readings. Since I never experienced any paranormal activities I didn’t think I was that intuitive but I was very interested in it. I heard everyone is inherently intuitive and anybody can develop this skill, so I started reading this book to see if I can really develop this skill.

This book is not just for reading but it offers lot of exercises for you to do. About 10 days into reading this book, my ceiling fan light started to turn on by itself in the middle of the night. I would turn it off with my remote and it would turn back on after few minutes. And I would turn it off again with the remote and it would come back on again after few minutes. This freaked me out. My heart was pounding so much that I thought it was coming out of my mouth. This continued for several days and I could not sleep. But I eventually figured that if I dimmed the light to the lowest setting it’s not bright enough to wake me up. Also if I turn off the wall switch the light won’t come on.

I talked to my psychic friends about this and they all said it’s probably a friendly spirit just playing with me to let me know their existence and they’re no harm. Then one night I saw this vivid dream with two people or two spirits in human form on my bed. And I told them you guys are scaring the bleep out of me so please don’t appear again. Luckily they faded away. I stopped reading the book and everything was back to normal.

Later my friend wanted to develop her intuition so I shared my experience. I warned her multiple times but she went ahead and got the book and started reading. She too started experiencing weird things around her house like her house alarm going off in the middle of the night for no reason. She got so scared that she wouldn’t share anything else that happened to her. She stopped reading the book too.

Instead of learning on my own from the book I started looking for a teacher. Laura Day offers workshops but she is in New York and I’m in California. So I ended up finding a wonderful teacher in Los Angeles and I learned how to channel. I’m glad I did because I got to learn how to connect with my guide and not anyone and everyone. It was an eye opening experience. And I think intuition comes handy when I work with my clients. Anyways be careful what you wish for. Lot of people do find this book helpful so if you are interested in this subject read this book but at your own risk.

10-19-15 How’s Your Psyche? Practical Intuition Review