Ice Pick Neck

No, this is not a way to attack your partner like in the movie Basic Instinct. (What?! The movie came out 18 years ago? Time flies…) Instead your partner will love you for it.

Ice Pick Neck

Receiver: Sit on a chair or floor comfortably. Slightly tilt the head forward.

Giver: Stand or sit behind the receiver. Weave fingers except thumbs with palm facing away. Squeeze (or circle) the neck with thumbs. Move up and down the neck along the spine. Try different widths. Lot of people have stiff neck but neck is a sensitive area. Start with a lighter pressure then squeeze tighter to add  more pressure as you check in with your partner. Caution: 1) Keep your fingers weaved to avoid hurting your thumbs. 2) Do not bend your back to adjust the height. Spread your legs wider and bend your knees to lower yourself.

Good news! You can do this on yourself too if your partner is not around.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you and your partner.

Happy massaging!