In-Home Massage Time ♡

I recently had an in-home massage at my friend’s home by her massage therapist. I always learn from other massage therapists. Every massage therapist is different because they have their own style from different modalities and techniques they learned from different teachers at different massage schools and even in different countries. She was very nice to let me take the video of what she did so this week I’ll show you some of the things I learned from her in-home massage. The video is dark but I hope you can see it.

As you can see she doesn’t use a massage table. She uses this padded torso pillow and treats her clients on the floor. It’s lighter and easier to setup than a massage table. My massage table is getting heavier every year so this may be a good alternative in the future.

She was originally trained at a reflexology place in Japan. She also learned Shiatsu and went to Thailand to learn Thai Massage. Her massage is done over the clothes using acupressure, compressions and stretches.

Look at the beautiful body mechanics. You always want to keep your back straight and use your body weight for pressure. You can tell she’s rocking her body and using her body weight. In my couples massage class I tell my clients to straddle and sit on their partners but professionally speaking you shouldn’t sit on your clients and this is how you do it.

And this flipped hand position was not something I learned in my school but very effective.

Here she is pressing with one hand over two fingers on my back muscles and rocking her body.

And here she’s grabbing and lifting up my back skin and muscles. Nobody has ever done this to me but it felt amazing.

You can see she uses her body to massage, not just her hands. She also had very strong fingers and her massage was awesome. And I learned a lot from her.

Thanks to her for the wonderful massage and thanks to my friend for taking the video.

5-2-16 In-Home Massage Time