Inexpensive (Possibly Great) Massage during Travel – Massage Monday #587

I got a great massage at a reasonable price in Hawaii and this is how it happened.

I am in Hawaii right now with my friend. Can you tell where this is? If you can tell where this is I’ll be very impressed.

We thought of getting a massage while we’re here. While we were researching about the massage places, a Facebook ad popped up on my friend’s iphone.

It was about getting a massage at a massage school by students at very reasonable price. So we decided to give it a try instead of going to an expensive spa.

In my opinion, massage is always hit or miss whether at inexpensive places or at high-end places. As I’ve shared before, my worst massage was at —— 30 years ago.

The massage school happened to be a Japanese one. The students weren’t available when we could go so we got massaged by licensed massage therapists. It was $60 for 60-minutes.

Since I’m in Hawaii I asked for Lomilomi which is a traditional Hawaiian massage. I took a Lomilomi class looong time ago and still use some of the techniques on my clients. It was very nice to feel how good it is and I’m convinced, I will continue to use these techniques on my clients.

The place wasn’t the prettiest because it’s a school but massages were great. You will be closing your eyes anyways during the massage. My friend liked her massage too. We liked the quality of the massage they provided for the price.

You can do this where you live too but even while traveling, if you want to get a budget massage, just keep in mind to look for a massage school and see if they offer a student clinic and be their practice body.

Usually, they are serious about giving a quality massage and sometimes there are veteran massage therapists just taking classes for units for license or whatever.

Of course, you may have misses but the price is so low so I think it’s worth the risk.

Massage Monday #587 Inexpensive (Possibly Great) Massage during Travel