How Inflammation Looks in Thermography

Recently I had a mammogram done and this time I also had breast thermography done. Breast thermography is a non-invasive back up option since mammogram cannot always detect breast cancer 100% all the time.

These are my breast thermography images. Of course I’m not going to show everything. It came with a detailed report. Luckily I was clear on the front but when my back was facing the camera I was asked if I had any neck and shoulder pain. And I said yes I do.

I was curious how she knew I had neck and shoulder pain. Later I was shown this image of my back. All this colored area means heat which means inflammation. I was told to take a better care of myself.

I knew I had pain but I’ve been operating mind over matter and I’m just tired from work and this will go away eventually. After seeing a proof like this I was like oh my god my body’s messed up. I figured it’s not going to change or get any better if I don’t do anything. So I started drinking Golden Elixir every day to reduce inflammation.

Golden Elixir is a mixture with turmeric, ginger, lemon, and honey. I also add cardamom and cinnamon for flavors. I know this is good for immune system too because my Indian client in her 60s had told me that she’s been taking this every day since she was a kid and she never gets sick. I’m also very conscious about sugar intake because sugar is a major cause for inflammation.

If you are in or around Orange County, CA and are interested in breast thermography you can contact I’ll also put the link below.

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Massage Monday #324 – How Inflammation Looks in Thermography