Massage without consent

Massage without consent

So the other day I was working at the spa and I was rubbing my lower back sore from Yoga. My generous co-worker saw it and came up to me. Without talking, she then pinned me to the wall with my hands up like the body search by a police, massaged my lower back really hard, and walked away. It felt good but I was more in shock and I even felt little violated.

This reminded me of the incident back in 2006 when President Bush gave a quick massage to a German Chancellor at the G8 summit. It was a big news for its inappropriateness. Apparently she was surprised and she was in discomfort. The United Nations defines neck massage as a form of sexual harassment when it’s unwelcomed. I have the link to the pdf and the video in my blog post below.

What is Sexual Harassment

Bush Creeps Out German Chancellor

So be careful who you massage. Even if it’s your spouse, get a consent first before you start giving a massage because some days you just don’t want to be touched for whatever the reason. Touch is a powerful communication tool and unwanted touch can easily leave the other person feeling violated. Always respect the boundaries and never push them.

Another thing that I learned from this experience is that you can effectively massage someone standing against the wall although it’s weird. Who knew?

Happy Massaging!

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