Japanese Bamboo foot massage


Today I’m going to show you my daily health routine. I grew up in Japan where there is a traditional health practice of stepping on a split bamboo. It’s called takefumi. Take means bamboo and fumi means stepping on. As you may know the soles of your feet represent the entire body as you can see in a reflexology chart and massaging the feet is like massaging the body.

I don’t have a real bamboo but I have a plastic one with bunch of bumps. I keep it under the bathroom sink and I just pull it out with my foot and step on it. I either stand still or take steps while I brush my teeth, do my hair or beautify my face so I don’t scare people. It is shaped to fit the arches perfectly but I move my feet back and forth to stimulate the entire feet and not just the arches.

Even if you are super ticklish, this is one way to get your feet massaged. If you want this handy tool you can check the link below or let me know and I can send one for you too.

Takefumi on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1067Aw3

Also, if you want to massage your father for the upcoming Father’s Day check out the video from last week. http://youtu.be/IiIaCBy8L_w

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-10-13: Bamboo foot massage http://youtu.be/yZFW07qPYwI

japanese bamboo foot massager