Japanese Beauty Secret (Nuka Facial)

This week I’m going to show you an old Japanese beauty secret that you can try with my very popular anti-aging facelift massage. It’s called nuka which is rice bran.

This is how you get the nuka from rice at home. I eat brown rice or part brown rice rather than white rice because brown rice has more nutrients.

When you wash your rice you keep the water in a separate container. I usually keep the water from the first few washes which has the most concentration of the nuka. Then you leave it in the fridge for few hours to overnight to let the nuka sink to the bottom. This is how it looks.

You can use this water to wash your face by mixing it with warm water. And you can apply the nuka on your face and use it as a mask. Add warm water to create the texture you want. It’s very fine but the grainy texture is also good for a gentle exfoliation.

Leave it for few minutes and wash away with warm water. Rice bran has various vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that help to hydrate the skin, increase the elasticity and reduce wrinkles, and lighten up the skin tone by slowing the melanin production. Who doesn’t want that?

I’ll try to show the difference on my hand which was so convincing when I first tried it. This is before picture. I’ll put some nuka paste on my left hand and leave it for few minutes. And this is after picture after washing it off. It’s hard to see but it definitely feels hydrated and softer and slightly lighter toned too.

The thing is it’s raw and it goes bad quickly. So if you don’t cook rice like every day there are rice bran skin care products online. I’ll put the link below so you can check it out.

Nuka Skin Care Product: http://bit.ly/nukaskincare

As a side note, rice gives me more energy for my manual labor than any other carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, bagel, and noodle. Some people say rice is so bad for your health. Maybe for some people it is and if you think it’s bad don’t eat it. I think rice is fine if you eat it with lots of veggies and other things. I believe in moderation and balance.

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