Video #1 – Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging with Omoiyari Touch (Massage Monday #531)

Anti-Aging is not just about stretching wrinkles and hiding lines on the surface with expensive cremes and procedures.

What good does it do if you’re looking gorgeous and perfect on the outside but your expression shows you are totally stressed out and feel empty inside?

If you want the true anti-aging, take care of your body, mind and soul and glow from the inside.

Hi, my name is Yasuko Kawamura and I help stressed out people with the power of caring touch which I call Omoiyari Touch. Omoiyari is a Japanese word for caring and being considerate. As a massage therapist over 12 years, I have given more than 7,000 massages and I’ve taught Couples Massage to hundreds of people mainly in person and privately.

Little bit about myself. I am originally from Japan. I was born and raised in Tokyo until I moved to the United States in 1986 but I have gone back and forth to see my family and friends many times. My name is spelled Yasuko but it’s pronounced Yasko. You don’t pronounce “u”. I often say it sounds like Costco and people remember my name. It means healthy kid.

Although expensive cremes and procedures still work to look good outside, I believe the time is shifting from valuing just the external beauty to more towards inner beauty and authenticity.

All the crazy things that happened in 2020 probably gave you a different perspective besides lots of stress and an opportunity to re-evaluate what’s important to you for the rest of your life.

For my profession, I see lots of stressed out people and people with pain. In fact, the majority of my clients only come to see me when they are stressed out and they have knots on their shoulders or back or lower back and so on.

Often when they come in their face is rigid even if they smile. But after the massage, even if I didn’t touch their face, their face loosens up and looks very relaxed.

The natural effort-less smile they give me when they are relaxed after the massage is way more beautiful than their perfect make up with a fake smile or worse, no expression. It’s such a gift to me when they say things like “Oh that felt great”, or “I feel much better” or even “That was the best massage I’ve ever had!” with a smile.

And this happens even if knots are still there. Some knots are very resistant and persistent. However, I am convinced that working on the knots on your body also works on the knots in your heart.

The understanding the importance of taking care of the whole and noticing the complete change in my clients, was what moved me to create what I call the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging with Omoiyari Touch.

Think of the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging as a long-term balanced care for your body, mind, and soul, not just the temporary quick fix on the outside. This is something you can do for yourself as well as for your significant other and the loved ones.

My definition of anti-aging is not about forcing your face to look 30 years younger with nips and tucks. But rather, take a better care of your body internally and externally so you can reduce stress and reduce physical pain so you can restore the natural glow from the inside just as I have seen on my clients, and slow down the aging.

Have you ever felt your stress keeps weighing down on you?

Have you ever felt you are stuck in your recurring health issues?

For those with partners, have you ever felt your relationship can add some more physical connection and intimacy?

If any of these sound familiar to you, I fully understand especially in these stressful times but adding the Omoiyari Touch in your daily lives to cherish your body, mind and soul will help you reverse the stress before it gets too big.

This is what the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging way of caring is all about. It is incorporating a caring routine for yourself and your partner if you have one on a regular basis at home.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to practice the Omoiyari Touch in your life.

#1: To build a strong foundation for your health including the immune system using a holistic Eastern Medicine approach.

There is an old saying “Sickness starts with a mind.” Don’t underestimate the power of stress. When you are stressed over a long period of time, it can turn into sickness and disease.

Not only that, stress can make you into a monster. My client with a husband and three kids once told me “Whenever I get a massage I’m nicer to my family.” I think you can agree that stress can make you snappy and edgy towards your partner, your family and even strangers you come across. And if you don’t want to go that route, you need some kind of intervention before your stress gets too big.

#2: Cultivate a stronger relationship with your partner

It has been a known practice in Japan for kids to tap the shoulders of parents and grandparents to show love and respect. This beautiful Japanese practice has been adopted and enhanced to practice between the grownup partners.

Touch is the first sense that we develop inside of uterus so it’s very powerful and fundamental. Babies need to be held to survive. And I think adults can use the caring touch too.

There is an expression “Happy wife is happy life.” But to be fair to the husbands, I’d say that “Happy partner is happy life.”

You have the power to heal your stressed-out partner with your caring Omoiyari Touch as you cultivate a new way to communicate love, intimacy, peace and comfort. And while you are at it, you will be releasing some happy hormones too that’s good for your health.

#3: You will have a renewed relationship with your body

With the Eastern Medicine approach, you will be more keenly aware of the signs that your body is sending you. When you are stressed out or when you have a pain in your body or pain in your heart, it shows up on your face and other parts of your body.

Our human bodysuit is a temporary container for our soul. I see the body is like a car and the soul is the driver. Why not take a good care of your body like you maintain your car so your body can perform at the level you want for the rest of your life?

Imagine how your life would look like if you could replace your mental and physical stress with peace and vitality? How would you feel if you can wake up with less pain so you’re not reaching for a painkiller? How would you feel knowing how to heal your partner with Omoiyari Touch and having a happier partner who appreciates you and loves you even more? And how would you feel if your partner knows how to give you a great massage before you go to bed?

In the next video, I will tell you more about the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging and Omoiyari Touch and how you can start implementing it in your daily life with completely new mindset towards your body. 

In a few days I am going to launch my Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle and I’m going to take a small group of people and teach them exactly how to care for yourself and your partner’s pain and stress from the inside and outside using the Japanese Acupressure, Couples Massage and the Facial Massage to aid the glow. The bundle is beneficial for those who are in a relationship or not because the most important thing is to know how to care and it starts with yourself.

As much as I’d like to help everyone, I want to limit the size on this one so my students can get the best results and I want to get to know everyone if possible. So if that’s something you are interested in, click on the link below and put your email on the early-bird waitlist.

Sign up for Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Early-Bird Waitlist

Everyone on the early-bird waitlist will get the registration link the night before the program launches to the public.

I’ll see you in the next video in a few days!

Massage Monday #531 Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging