Jet Lag Formula (Massage Monday #468)

My jet lag is getting worse and worse every year. In the past, I have shared acupressure point system for jet lag but it’s pretty procedural because you have to press the acupressure points every two hours depending on the destination.

Recently, my client told me an easier solution to get your body’s internal clock also known as circadian clock back to normal by putting the sunlight behind the knee. He had just come back from Japan and he laid out in the sun with the back of the knee facing the sun and he said it worked for him.

There was a scientific study done back in 1998 which showed shining a bright light behind the knees helped reset the biological clock. I will put the link to the article here so you can read it.

Another jet lag formula that I find fascinating is by Brian Tracy. As you know he’s an international speaker and he travels all over the world but he says he never gets jet lag. His jet lag formula is to:

  1. Drink lots of water during the flight. He says you lose one pint of water which is about half a liter every hour of the flight. So you need to rehydrate yourself with that much water during the flight.
  2. Get on your new time at destination quickly. I have seen on other places you should set your clock at destination time and act accordingly. So I actually don’t understand his example because for a trip to Europe, which is 8 hours ahead from LA, he says he stays awake most of the time but takes 1-2 hour nap 4 hours before arrival. But 4pm LA time is midnight in Europe so isn’t it just better to sleep?  Although he says sleeping that early will really mess up your system.
  3. Take a hot bath. He says this is the most important which I like. You have to take a hot bath on the same day you arrive. You have to take 5 minutes of hot bath for one hour of time difference. So if there is a time difference of 8 hours you have to take 40 minutes of hot bath. Well, there is a time difference of 16 hours between Japan and LA during summer time. And 16 times 5 is 80 so that means I need to take 80 minutes of hot bath. I love hot bath but I don’t know if I can stay that long but he says that will get rid of 90% of your jet lag.
  4. Drink coffee when you wake up. He drinks 2 cups of coffee the following day to get rid of the remaining jet lag and to be completely jet lag free. If you don’t drink coffee, maybe you can experiment with tea. If you don’t do any caffeine, I’m sure your remaining jet lag will be gone eventually.

I will put the link to Brian Tracy’s video too here.

I’m sure the individual results may vary but you never know unless you try it. So these are the things that I would definitely try the next time I come back from a long-distance trip.