Keep continuous touch during massage

Keep continuous touch

I like going to seminars and I’ve gone to quite a few of them in my life. One of them was called Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women by PAX. It’s a seminar for women to understand the difference between men and women. You learn how men operate which is very different from how women operate. The qualities we expect in men are not necessarily in the best interest for their manliness to shine. This seminar also helps us women not to get frustrated about the men’s behavior or unknowingly emasculate them to make them weak. Anyways I highly highly recommend their seminar series so if you’re interested please check out

In one of the classes, the founder and the instructor Alison Armstrong was talking about the importance of physical touch. She mentioned that good massage therapists keep their contact with their clients at all times. This was years before I became a massage therapist but her words stuck in my head. Now that I’m a massage therapist, I can’t agree more. I’ve been to some massage places where they leave the room to get a hot towel or something from another room down the hallway and I’m left thinking really? I’m really paying for this down time too?

So when I give massage I try to keep my physical contact on my clients at all times and minimize the down time when I’m not touching them. In order to do that I keep the product within my arm reach while I’m touching the client with one hand. I used to wear a bottle holster around my waist but one time I left it at home and I realized I had so much more energy at the end of the day after hours of massage. It wasn’t heavy but carrying it around my waist all day long was weighing me down. So I stopped using it. I usually use massage lotion or massage crème and I keep some on the back of my hand, forearm or upper arm. They are thicker texture so they stay fine. This is hard to use with massage oil but I don’t like using massage oil because they dry up my skin, my fingertips and my hands. If you think oil moisturizes your skin, watch my video on this topic and think twice about it.

So when you massage someone, I recommend you go to the bathroom beforehand, turn off the phone, keep things within your arm reach, and try to keep the continuous touch from start to finish.

Happy Massaging!

8-25-14 Continuous touch

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