Korean Spa Review

Today I’m at Riviera Health Spa in Torrance, California. It’s a Korean Spa. For those who don’t know about Korean Spa it’s very different from American Spa so this will be a good introduction for you.

When you check in you are given your locker key, bath towel and their uniform. This is the last picture I can take here since once you enter either women’s or men’s locker room you will see naked people. Here is the locker room

So here are the interior pictures from their website. There are showers and individual stalls to clean yourself before you go into the pools. They have dry sauna, and also steam sauna, different pools with warm water, hot water and cold water. Unlike the American spa bathing suits are not allowed and you have to enter these pools naked. So if you are not comfortable showing your birthday suit this place is really not for you. I grew up in Japan and I’m used to public hot springs so I have no problem with this setting.

Behind this wall is the area for the body scrub. For the Korean body scrub you lie on a table and a lady usually in a black lacy bra and panties scrubs every square inch of your body from the neck down using the exfoliation mitt like this. Of course a male staff will scrub if you are a man. Again you are completely naked on the table and they will open your legs and scrub very close to your personal area so if you are not comfortable exposing yourself or have very sensitive skin this is not really for you.

You take the elevator to go upstairs to the common area. The common area is co-ed and you’re required to wear their uniform they give you at the checkin. At the food counter you can order Korean dishes priced around $10-20. Larger dishes are good for sharing. Here’s my favorite called Bibimbap. It’s a veggie dish with a fried egg on top. You mix in with rice with spicy sauce called kochujang. Korean food comes with side dishes so you get to eat variety of food and they are yummy too. Here’s the dessert counter where you can order the shaved ice cream and other sweets and drinks. When you order food you just show your locker key and you pay at the checkout so you don’t have to carry your wallet with you.

Also in the common area there are different saunas such as salt, clay, and cold room. Each room has the temperature displayed so you know what to expect. The floor is usually heated and it’s so nice to lie down. They have pads and pillows so you can take a nap or browse the internet using their free Wi-Fi.

And my lucky friend may get a massage while we’re here.

This place is perfect for individuals, couples, families and you can spend hours. They have TVs, Fitness Room and even PC Room. They are open 8am-midnight. The admission is $25 but if you go to their website, there is $5 coupon under specials. It’s even cheaper when you get coupon booklet. They also have massage. Sometimes they do Ashiatsu where they get up on you holding onto the bar and massage you with their feet. If you get their massage service, the admission is free. I love going to a Korean Spa on my day off and I usually spend 6-8 hours no problem. I like going there on weekdays because it gets busier and noisier on weekends.

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