Lavender Festival at 123 Farm (Massage Monday #399)

When you go to a massage and ask for aromatherapy, the first thing you think of for relaxation is lavender. I’m here at the Lavender Festival. I finally got to come here so this week I’m going to show you what it’s like.

It’s by 123 Farm which is the largest organic lavender farm in Southern California. They have hosted this event since 2004 and this year was their 14th annual event which took place two weekends in June from Thursday through Sunday.

In the big lavender fields they have more than 100 kinds of lavender. There are tags with the information on the characteristics and what it’s used for. I loved watching the bees busy at work in pesticides-free environment.

They have fresh and dried lavenders and all kinds of their own organic lavender products such as teas, honeys, olive oils, lotions, and soaps to name a few.

They had a nice dining area with a stage for a live music, bunch of chairs and tables and served lavender infused foods, desserts, and even beer and cocktails. Lavender and alcohol sounds very relaxing already. I tried their lavender mojito and it was very yummy. Unfortunately, I went kind of late and many things were sold out.

There had workshops and seminars. I waited until the day before to register online but they were all sold out. Lesson learned. I went to the free distillation demo and it was very educational. I will let you learn from their master gardener. It’s lengthy but the information is very good. Sorry about the occasional wind noise.

Unfortunately that’s when my phone died. But in this distillation demo only about 30 ml of essential oil was extracted which is three of these tiny bottles. It makes sense why these tiny bottles can be expensive. And I find theirs much more fragrant and the aroma lasts much longer compared to other ones I’ve used.

They also offer organic farm camp for kids and adults. For more information go to If you ever go there, take a short hike and go say hi to the 1,100 year old oak tree. By the way, I was touching the tree and I saw a snake right by my feet and I jumped higher than I thought I could.

So it was my very first Lavender Festival and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot about lavender and other herbs. I got to eat some lavender infused foods for the first time although lot of them were sold out. I cannot wait to go back next year to eat those foods.

Now I have about an hour and 15-minute drive home. As you can see, I have this Shiatsu Massager set up on my driver seat so let’s turn it on. And I do not want any heat. It’s like 90F degrees right now. Turn off the heat.

I also got this iced lavender latte. I don’t know if I like the taste but will see who’s going to win: lavender or caffeine. Hopefully caffeine because I have to drive home.

Massage Monday #399 – Lavender Festival at 123 Farm