Lavender Steam Eye Mask (Massage Monday #454)

This week I’m going to try this gentle steam eye mask. It’s an eye mask that starts heating up as soon as you open the package and it’s just one time use.

I’m going to open this. Smells so nice with lavender. There’s this ear hook. There’s a slit for your nose. Just put it over your eyes and put the hooks on the ears. Wow it’s getting really warm but not overwhelming. And the lavender smell is really nice.

This is like a heated eye pillow but with eye pillow you always have to lie down. But this one you can still enjoy sitting up so this is nice. And you just sit still or lie down and relax for 20 minutes.

Supposedly the heat goes up to 40 degrees Celsius which is 104 Fahrenheit. Of course, if you have any eye conditions please check with your doctor first if it’s a good idea at all to apply heat on your eyes. My client wanted to try this during his massage after I turn him over on his back. Unless there is a special request, I usually do 20-30 minutes with the client supine or lying on their back so this was perfect.

So I said 20 minutes but the heat kept going for about 30 minutes so I had a nice nap. And it’s been about an hour but it’s slightly still warm. It is a steam bath for your eyes but my weren’t very wet. It was slightly moist.

I didn’t have this last time but next time I go to Japan, I will definitely have this with me or any other long flights. And I think this would be a great gift for a traveler and someone who has a computer job or who’s on cell phone a lot and who isn’t to relax their eyes.

I’ll put Amazon link here so you can check it out.

Massage Monday #454 Lavender Steam Eye Mask