Law Of Attraction – Gift from Arizona

Do you believe in Law Of Attraction?

I totally do.

Yesterday, I was calculating how much money is needed for my upcoming trip to Sedona, Arizona – the healing capital of the world. I kept thinking “How can I make some money for this trip??”

Then the phone rang. It was from a lady vacationing for a week by the ocean and she needed massage. Time was tight before my night shift at the spa, but I showed up in 1.5 hour and gave her the massage she needed. As it turned out, she was visiting from Phoenix, Arizona! What a coincidence although I believe there is no coincidence. She used to live in Japan and was such a sweet lady.

Thank you universe for giving me the gift from Arizona.

By the way, how did someone from Arizona find out about me? Recently my fellow BNI member told me about a silent auction opportunity and I donated my massage for the first time. The lady who was collecting the silent auction items had a vacation rental unit by the ocean. She was very kind to leave some of my business cards in her unit for the vacationers.

I thank all of you that led me to the gift.

Now time to start packing for the healing and recharging trip. Sedona here I come!

Here are some pictures from my last Sedona trip. It was freezing with some left over snow.

Bell Rock, Sedona Feb/09
Airport Mesa, Sedona Feb/09
Cathedral Rock, Sedona Feb/09