Lazy Couples Massage

Lazy Couples Massage

My arms and hands are tired from over work. This week I’m going to show you a lazy couples massage.

Have the partner sit on the floor and lean against a table or ottoman. If it’s a hard table put a cushion between the body and the table. Sit on the couch and start massaging your partner with your heels. Walk up the back next to the spine. Turn your feet outward for more stability. Do not press on the spine. Always avoid the spine and massage the muscles next to the spine. Glide your heels up the back from the lower back to the upper back. You can also circle on the back muscles. Here I had to slouch more so I can reach the upper back and focus on it. Heels are hard and very useful massage tools.

There is a modality called Ashiatsu which is a massage done by feet. You can do this easily while you both watch TV. Enjoy giving and receiving the TV Ashiatsu.

Happy Massaging!

3-10-14 Lazy Couples Massage

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