Leg Massage for A Long Drive (Massage Monday #524)

Per viewer’s request, this week I’m going to show you how to massage your legs during a long drive or when you go on a road trip. I guess you can also do this during a long bus ride, or train ride or even an airplane if there is enough leg room.

Do this only if you’re a passenger. This is not to be done if you’re driving a car even if your car is set to a cruise control.

For calf muscles, use the other knee to massage from the achilles up towards the knee using the gravity. Draw imaginary lines and change the angle of the receiving leg to massage different lines.

For shin muscles, use the heel of the other leg to massage downward using the gravity. If you feel a tight spot, you can go over it several times. I have many tight spots. When you touch the shin muscles next to the shin bone and move your foot, you can totally feel your muscles moving. Now you know you use these muscles to move your feet. You can add the foot movement to the shin massage. You can move your foot up and down as you massage down with the other heel, or rotate your foot in one direction, and the other direction.

Put the receiving leg’s foot on the other thigh. Hook your closed fingers on your shin bone and press your calf muscles with your thumbs by turning your hands. Again, draw imaginary lines from the achilles to the knee and follow the different lines as you press.

Grab you foot by interlacing your fingers with the toes and rotate your foot in one direction. And in the other direction. I’m demonstrating on just one leg but in real life please repeat these on the other leg.

Stretch the toes by spreading each toes to the sides. Then front and back.

For the thighs, cross your leg, make loose fists and roll your fists as you squeeze your thighs on different spots. Use the flat part of your fists or bony part of your fists as you like.

Weave your fingers and squeeze your thigh with the heels of your palm and go up and down. Repeat on the other leg.

Tap with fists and loose wrists. This should really get your circulation going on your legs between the stops. But also remember to walk around at the stops.

Massage Monday #524 Leg Massage for A Long Drive http://bit.ly/mm-524