Lower Back Chair Massage

This week I’ll show you how to massage your loved one’s lower back sitting in a chair.

Put a pillow or cushion or two against the back support for a comfort and have the receiver sit against the back support. We’ll be focusing on the lower back. Find the spine to avoid and find the lower back muscles parallel to the spine. Put one hand on the shoulder for a connection and balance.

Have a firm footing and press the lower back muscles with the heel of the palm slightly away from the spine and go up and down. In the beginning it’s a good idea to cover the spine to make sure you don’t press on the spine because you only massage muscles, not the bones.

Change the direction and massage the lower back muscles downward parallel to the spine again with the heel of the palm.

You are using the heel of the palm but if you cock your wrist your forearm will get tired in no time so relax your hand and use your body weight rather than the hand strength. Also if your arm is away from your body you will be depending on your arm and hand strength so keep your armpit closed and depend on your body weight.

You can also wedge your elbow into your hip bone, adjust the height by widening your stance, not curling your back, and press with your body weight. Repeat on the other side. People usually have a dominant side and you’ll find one side is easier than the other but the practice makes it better. As a bonus, give some love to the sacrum which is the reverse-triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine.

Massage Monday #339 – Lower Back Chair Massage http://bit.ly/mm-050117