Lower back massage with fists

Lower back massage with fists

I have been working hard, hours at a time, in my massage work and my lower back is bothering. So this week I’m going to show you how I massage my own lower back with fists.

If I’m standing I make loose fists and squeeze the lower back with knuckles. But you have to keep working at it since you’re not using your body weight.

The better way is to lie on your back. Put the knuckles on the back muscles and move the fists up and down or squeeze by lifting the elbows. Massage becomes easier whenever you use your body weight. Another way to use the gravity is to lie sideways with the top leg bent at the hip and knee. Press your knuckles into the lower back muscles from the side. Go up and down as you move your fist to loosen up the tight area.

Besides the knuckles, you can also use a supported thumb which is a loose fist with the thumb supported by the side of the index finger and the tip of the thumb sticking out. This avoids the use of unsupported straight thumb that will hurt your thumb in no time. To move the supported thumb, move the entire fist, and your thumb will be happier.

If my lower back doesn’t want to release, it’s time to get a massage from my favorite massage therapist.

Happy Massaging!

3-3-14 Lower back massage with fists http://youtu.be/V_pB3YqDShI http://bit.ly/mm-030314

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