How to massage shoulder blade

How to massage shoulder blade

This week I’ll show you three ways you can massage around your partner’s shoulder blade. Since the shoulder blade is triangular in shape I’ll show you the examples on how to massage each side of the shoulder blade.
1. Sit next to the partner lying face down. As long as the receiver doesn’t have a shoulder issue, bring the hand on the back. You can secure with your knee. This raises the shoulder blade. Using your thumbs press the inner edge of the shoulder blade. Overlap your thumbs for more pressure.

2. Sit on the other side of the body facing the shoulder blade. Locate the outer edge of the shoulder blade and hook your closed fingertips. Pull on several locations by leaning backward. Overlap your fingers for more strength.

3. Sit next to the receiver’s head and locate the top edge of the shoulder blade. Press with your thumbs but using your body weight by leaning in. Overlap your thumbs if the receiver wants more pressure.

Happy Massaging!

Massage 9-16-13: How to massage around shoulder blades

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